Pricacy Policy


Rental Period

The Agreement shall commence from the date of delivering and installing the Equipment (hereinafter referred to as the “commencement date”).

The Agreement shall be valid for such period from the commencement date as is agreed between the Owner and the Hirer. It shall be extendable automatically on mutually agreed terms unless otherwise specified in writing.

This would be a generalized agreement for all Equipment’s provided for rent during the period of this agreement.

Equipment Location

The location of the Equipment, during the Agreement period should remain at the delivery address and should only be relocated upon completion of a ‘change of location’ procedure of the Owner.

The Owner shall be granted access to the premises where the Equipment is located at all reasonable times and with reasonable notice to inspect, maintain or remove the Equipment under the terms stipulated here in.

Rental Payment

The Rent as agreed by both the Parties shall be paid in advance on or before 7th day of every month.

Failure to remit payment of the rentals may, at the discretion of Owner, result in the termination of the Agreement.

Rental Charges

The rental charges for the hire of the Equipment shall be payable monthly as per the rates specified in the work orders excluding GST @ 18% and/or any other tax(s) as may become applicable (hereinafter referred to as the “RENT”). All charges are inclusive of transportation to and from the Hirers site and exclusive of insurance. Insurance shall be the responsibility of Hirer.

Return of Equipment

Should the Equipment not be made available for collection by the Hirer upon the contractually agreed termination date, the Hirer is responsible for continued costs at the relevant rates as detailed in the Contract.